How we work

Our unique approach

Our services leverage Six Boxes® Performance Thinking, the intellectual property of the Performance Thinking Network – of which Simple Performance is an affiliate.

While robust human performance improvement methodologies have long been promoted by organizations like the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) and the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) – they're often so complex as to be suitable for use only by highly-trained specialists.

With Six Boxes® Performance Thinking we can 'cross the chasm.' Performance professionals can move from a focus on services delivery to providing simple, plain English tools that everyone can use – resulting in more leverage and better collaboration.

Performance Chain

The Performance Chain is the first of two simple, visual models that form the basis of performance thinking.

This video clip describes how the Performance Chain connects people to business results, and ensures that employees are clear on how they can contribute to organizational success.

The Performance Chain focuses on work outputs – rather than just behavior – in defining human performance. Work outputs are:

  • the products of behavior (i.e., what people produce, rather than what they do)
  • what add value (as opposed to behavior, which is a cost to the enterprise), and
  • how we provide a clear line of sight from behavior to business results.

This focus on work outputs also drives alignment. When it’s clear what an employee or team is expected to produce, it's much easier to agree on whether performance expectations have been achieved. And it's easier to define the critical tasks and activities (behavior) that will produce important outputs – and teams and individual performers can flex their behavior as needed until they get produce those outputs.

Six Boxes® Model

The Six Boxes® Model is the second model of the Six Boxes® Approach. It provides a guide to considering all of the factors that drive critical behavior – what we call ‘behavior influences.’ This model categorizes a virtually unlimited number of these influences into six 'boxes.'

This video clip provides a brief overview of each of the six 'boxes' (categories) of influences.

Since you have limited resources with which to establish, accelerate, and change behavior, it's critical to make good decisions about what will drive performance. The Six Boxes® Model moves you beyond specialties and favorite solutions, and equips you to identify and optimize combinations of behavior influences.

Performance Improvement Logic

The Performance Improvement Logic is the third key element of performance thinking. It provides a flexible, 7-step 'logic' for understanding and improving human performance. The power of the logic is that it can be used quickly, in realtime, for hallway conversations and in meetings  or expanded and elaborated for major performance improvement initiatives. 

This video clip provides a brief overview of the Performance Improvement Logic.

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