How we work

What’s it like to work with Simple Performance? This page describes how we work with clients, our unique approach, and the results you can expect from working with us.

Here's how we work with clients

Our focus is on building your internal capabilities rather than fielding teams of consultants to staff big projects. 

We provide consulting, training and coaching to help our clients quickly move up the learning curve and get productive on new approaches. This is even more true when your team or organization tackles a variety of performance improvement applications – each with specific tips/tricks/variations on a shared, core approach.

Although we can help you make big changeswe typically start small by:

  • learning about you and your specific goals and challenges (i.e., discovery)
  • introducing you to performance thinking or other methods, and
  • partnering with you on trial projects.

This allows us to start to get small wins quickly and demonstrate proof of concept, and form the foundation for further work together.

Check out our unique approach or the kind of results you can expect.


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