Implementation Support

We provide a full suite of Organizational Change Management (OCM) services – the human side of implementation.

We can help you implement systems, processes or strategies – anything that requires your people to work differently, to drive business results.

Knowledge Capture

You'll often start an IT system implementation with knowledge capture – by documenting current processes (As-is).

You may want to capture the expertise of employees (or teams) who have figured out how to excel within your existing processes, systems, and culture– to consistently generate better results than their peers.

Or you want to capture some of the expertise of experienced personnel who are retiring – what the energy industry calls, “The Crew Change" – to make that available to younger employees, in the form of processes, procedures, systems, training or coaching.

Process Optimization

Businesses are a collection of processes designed to deliver specific outputs.

We can help you design lean, effective processes – and optimize human performance in those processes.

Training Support

How can you ensure that your employees gain the skills and knowledge they need to ramp up quickly on new systems and new roles? To adapt quickly to major changes? And to continue to improve?

And how can you help top performers and process owners capture their expertise in the form of work instructions, and other simple job aids (like checklists or flowcharts), and provide on-the-job training (OJT) as needed?

We can help with training strategy; with the design, development  and development of training across various delivery systems – whether online, in the classroom, or OJT – and with evaluation of your training’s effectiveness and efficiency.

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