Simple Performance provides the following services.

Practitioner project support

We can equip your team members to successfully apply performance thinking to projects and initiatives. They will learn to more effectively:

  • improve the performance of functional area, teams, roles and processes
  • capture the best practices of top performers
  • develop performance-based training
  • execute strategy and culture change
  • implement new systems, process changes, training and other initiatives.

This service will also equip them to respond more effectively to stakeholder requests for services, and is based on the Introduction to Performance Thinking workshop and the Six Boxes® Practitioner Program.

Project consulting

Simple Performance can plan and implement performance improvement projects on a limited basis. Although our focus is on equipping your personnel, we find that it often accelerates the implementation of performance thinking in your organization to model, or partner with your personnel on, initial projects.

Transition to performance consulting

This is a comprehensive approach to transitioning your team to broader performance improvement roles. It builds on the services described above, to further build performance improvement capabilities.

To learn more about our approach to performance consulting download the Get Out of the Training Box! white paper. Although targeted to training professionals, the approach can easily be adapted to Human Resources and other performance improvement practitioners.

Management and leadership development

This equips managers and leaders to apply performance thinking. As a result, management will be able to more effectively:

  • focus employees on behavior that contributes to business results
  • analyze and improve the mix of influences that drive that behavior, and
  • understand, manage and improve day-to-day performance.

Included in these services is participation in the Six Boxes® Management & Leadership Development Program. To learn more about applying the Six Boxes® to management and leadership, download the Accelerating Business Results Through Leadership & Development white paper.

On-the-job training (OJT) and job aids development

On-the-job training (OJT) is a powerful approach to developing employee capabilities, based on coaching by top performers and process owners. When based on job aids – such as work instructions or procedures – OJT can also help:

  • standardize processes
  • minimize ramp-up time on new processes and procedures, and
  • minimize the need for classroom training.

Expert OJT provides a proven, award-winning system for structured OJT and job aids development – one that leverages the expertise of your top performers and process owners, builds their ownership of on-the-job training, and equips you to ramp up OJT and job aids fast (often in just hours or days).

Click here to learn more about Expert OJT.

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